SPACE! - just the word ignites kids' imaginations! What if kids could design experiments to launch into space for FREE? Within the Cubes in Space program, that's what students around the world have been doing since 2014.

Cubes in Space is free for participants but it costs us money to run this amazing program. Your support will allow us to sustain and improve the program, as well as to extend our reach to kids everywhere who would otherwise never have the opportunity to send an experiment into space!

If you love this program as much as we do or think it is a great opportunity to provide students with an experience that develops their mental growth and problem-solving skills, please donate…even if it is just a couple of dollars.

We have some groovy gifts of appreciation for your donation! Every donation will be acknowledged on the Cubes in Space website and through social media. There is even an opportunity to have your school, club or family picture or logo flown into space and returned to you!


We thank you in advance for your support!